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    We are a trader and producer of chemical reagents, especially corrosion inhibitors. Our corrosion inhibitors are one of the high quality products which are supplied to the petrochemical industry in Thailand. The Veritus activities are that we provide solutions, sales and services of waste water treatment and air pollution control equipment for various industries. Our strong points are having a knowledgeable, reliable and professional team. It is not only commitment to our customers, but also the quality of our products such as activated carbon, resin and water flocculent. The cleaning media agent is an important point to meet the customer's requirements. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Herewith are brief additional information of Veritus Co.,Ltd.

    o Chemical Specialty for Petrochemical Industry

    o Chemical for Waste Treatment 

    o System Design for Air Pollution Control

    o System Design for Waste Water Treatment

    o System Design for Odour Removal

    o Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Tank Cleaning Service

    o Technical Training

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