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Corrosion Inhibitor


Water Clarifier

Polymer Solution – Water Clarifier (Verr Clear V-1)

Verr Clear V-1 is a high molecular weight cationic polymer for oil field water clarification. Verr Clear V-1 is effective in a variety of oil-water clarification processes commonly employed in oil field operation.


• helps to remove oil, suspended solids,emulsions and other contaminants from oil field waters.
• improves phase separation in dispersed gas flotation systems.
• helps to break oil and water emulsions in coalescers.

Activated Carbon

Veritus’s Activated Carbon

Veritus supplies a full range of activated carbon based on coal,
wood and coconut shells with high quality materials. It can be applied for liquid decolourization, solvent recovery, air purification in industrial process and waste treatement.

   Activated Carbon

   1. Powdered Activated Carbon
   2. Granular Activated Carbon
   3. Extruded Activated Carbon
   4. Fibrous Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon – Fibre Cloth:
(New Product Arrival & State of Art)
• Multi-purpose (odor removal, dust filtration)
• Air pollution & waste water treatment
• Excellent adsorption to microbes, bacteria
• User friendly (no powder/easy handling)
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