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We also offer specialised cleaning operations such as the liquid chemical circulation of SLUG CATCHERS. The following Health and Safety standards are applicable to our cleaning operations:

           o OHS Act 85 of 1993
           o API Health and Safety Standard
           o BET Health and Safety Standard


           o OHS Act 85 of 1993
           o API Health and Safety Standard
           o BET Health and Safety Standard

Civil De-watering


De-bunkering & Slop Removal

This is an opperation with which off spec fuel (HFO) is pumped off one ship into a tanker ship or truck. It is a very specialized opperation as no ship were ever designed to pump it's own fuel off. The fact that the pipes used in the de-bunkering opperation usually crosses open water puts an extra degree of difficulty to the job because of the added pollution haxard in the event of thier being a spill.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaning

We use our patented vacuum machines for this type of operation. We have already vacuum sucked materials ranging from water, HFO, chrome ore and sand blasting grit. Water has already been sucked up a vertical head of 24 meters and sand and spent grit over a distance of 167 meters. The patented equipment is capable of sucking anything, as long as it fits up the suction nozzle.

Hatch Cleaning

Hatch cleaning is either conducted "wet" or "dry", depending on the specific need of the vessel in question. Dry hatch cleaning is a process whereby the old cargo residue and rust is removed with an array of different tools. Most of the "dry" cleaning is done manually using purpose made tools and equipment. On completion the entire hatch is vacuum cleaned. Wet hatch cleaning also removes the loose rust and old cargo residue. This process is done with the aid HP or UHP water blasting equipment. The hatch is finally sucked clean by means of our "wet & dry" vacuum machines.

High Pressure Cleaning

In this process we make use of HP water blasting machines with a pressure rating of up to 1 500 bar, and of UHP water blasting machines with a pressure of up to 2 800 bar. UHP water blasting can clean rusted metal to a standard of WJ 1, which is the equivalent of SABS 3, white metal. HP & UHP blasting is an environmentally friendly manner of cleaning, as it does not give off any hazardous materials in the cleaning process.

Petrochemical Tank Cleaning & De-gassing

This type of operation is done in above and below ground storage tanks containing petrochemical products, as well as on ships, where either their own fuel tanks (double bottom or wing tanks), or their cargo tanks needs cleaning. In this process the old flammable cargo residue is removed by HP blasting with a mixture of a water based de-greaser, and water. At the end of the HP blasting operation the slop is vacuum sucked out of the tanks and sent for either re-refining or disposal in an environmentally safe disposal site. On completion of such a cleaning operation a chemistry technician will inspect the tank and issue a "gas free" certificate, upon which a "hot work" permit can be issued for the repair work to commence on such a tank.

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